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sap business one for accounting management

SAP Business One / SAP B1 ERP for Accounting Management

How does SAP B1 ERP make Accounting Management easier?

As Accounting Management Industry grows exponentially, it has become tedious and challenging to manage multiple operations all around the world, along with the business processes. Moreover, with a vast industry like Accounting Management, integrating various departments and tackling any issues that occurred, also requires so much time and effort. As a complete solution for all these, SAP Business One comes up as the most viable and supporting hand to increase efficiency in Accounting Management Industries. SAP B1 ERP Software not only increases efficiency but also helps to improve the quality of products of the Accounting Management Industry. The major aim of streamlining the complex and multiple business processes of Accounting Management Industries seamlessly is smoothly handled with SAP Business One ERP Solution.

The merits of implementing the SAP B1 ERP System in Accounting Management Industries are explained below:

Order to Cash

Functions like Quick search, Copy-paste and search for items based on various factors, help to place orders instantly. Also, stock view on selecting items categorized as, in stock, committed stock, and ordered stock help in the instant decision to enable sales. In addition to that, Auto price, auto tax, and various other details are auto-fetched in a single view by selecting the item. Due to that, the delivery date is easily decided while placing an order.

Following this, credit management takes place, with order fulfillment, order shipping, and AR Customer Invoicing completed, along with the incoming payment being done. MIS Reports help to run the business in a controlled way by SAP, and Backorder reports give a detailed view to achieve faster order processing in Accounting Management Industries.

Procure to Pay

PO is raised for the stock and after various analyses by the report (even when placing an order, auto price, in stock view, ordered quantity view, open PO item wise help to purchase accurately). Following that, the Goods receipt is done against the Purchase order, which is allocated by the stores item-wise, and as per that, Accounts creates a Payable invoice and Outgoing payment. Vendor item code is maintained by BP Catalog number. Purchase analysis, pricelist, approval for any price change, and price change report provide desired control. Reports such as the inventory audit report, in-ordered report, inventory aging report, fast-moving report, and in-stock report are the base by which the orders are placed.

Sales Order

SO is created intently for cash customers. Credit customers’ requirements are copied and pasted, or the SO is created by selecting the item. Using DMS, a softcopy of the PO is also attached. Payment terms and Delivery dates are auto-fetched as per the customer master (Committed limit management helps to control).

Sales Quote

Sales quotation is created by SAP Business One. The Ship to and Bill to fields are automatically populated with the data entered in the Business Partner Master Data. For the client, along with Accounting and Pay terms, the contact persons are also auto-populated. The soft copy also is directly mailed to the customer from SAP Business One.


Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is used to create purchase requests, or direct PO, for preferred suppliers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, along with considering in-stock and open PO quantity auto.

Purchase Request

PR is auto-created by Material Requirements Planning, and even the PR is created manually department-wise as per the requirement of office equipment, consumables, etc. against which the PO is generated.

Purchase Order

PO is created for the PR generated by MRP, and for the vendor offers/sessional offers, by analysis of various factors, SAP B1 gives analysis item-wise, considering movement, stock, etc., and then the orders are placed as required.


Based on the PO, when the vendor delivers the item, the Goods receipt against the PO is posted by allocating a serial number to each quantity of the item, which debits the inventory (Inventory management and Inventory reports standard in SAP B1).

Supplier Payment

Based on GRPO, an AP invoice is added, against which the outgoing payment is done.


Payment Entries are posted through Open Document System, which provides proper control, and with that Accounts Payable / Receivable Invoice Creation is done.


After-sales service in Accounting Management Industries is completely managed for each serial item, efficiently by SAP Business One, in the warranty period.

SAP B1 Cloud Integration in industries like Accounting Management, also helps in better monitoring of all these above functions.  Better sales and more customers are the major goals of Accounting Management Industries, and SAP B1 ERP makes you achieve these goals easier and quicker.

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