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Trusted SAP Business One ERP Implementation Partners in India & UAE

In today’s dynamic market, where precision and adaptability are essential, SAP Business One excels by integrating all aspects of your business, eliminating inefficiencies seamlessly. As a leading SAP Business One partner in India and the UAE, Emerging Alliance propels your success with innovative solutions and a flexible approach. Partnering with us transcends mere software acquisition; it means securing a strategic partner in growth. Tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, SAP B1 optimizes and enhances various business operations.

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Achieve Seamless Operations and Lower Costs with SAP B1

Embark on a journey of exploration to unveil the distinctive features and comprehensive modules of SAP Business One. With its robust inventory management and seamless financial processes, coupled with advanced customer relationship management capabilities, SAP Business One empowers businesses across the UAE and India.

Unlock the secret to streamlining your business operations and cutting costs with SAP Business One. Our state-of-the-art ERP solution is crafted to optimize every facet of your organization, from inventory management to financials and customer relations. By centralizing data and automating processes, SAP B1 simplifies intricate workflows, eradicates redundancies, and enhances decision-making. This heightened efficiency directly translates into cost savings, enabling you to allocate resources more strategically and concentrate on driving growth. With SAP B1, attain a sleeker, more agile business model that amplifies productivity and profitability.

SAP Business One CRM
CRM & Marketing

Transform your customer relationship management and marketing strategies with SAP Business One. Designed for businesses in India and the UAE, effortlessly track and manage customer data, interactions, and histories to gain a 360-degree view of your customers.

SAP Business One Sales
Sales & Distributions

Elevate your sales and distribution capabilities with SAP Business One, designed for businesses in India and the UAE. Optimize processes, increase accuracy, and guarantee prompt deliveries, all of which enhance customer trust and satisfaction.

SAP B1 Purchasing & Operations
Purchasing & Operations

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to streamline your procurement processes, optimize supply chain management, and enhance operational efficiency. With SAP Business One, you can manage every aspect from supplier management and order processing to inventory control and quality assurance.

SAP B1 Inventory & Warehousing
Inventory & Warehousing

Achieve flawless inventory management with SAP Business One, tailored for companies in India and the UAE. Reduce discrepancies and carrying expenses while maintaining ideal stock levels, thereby greatly improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

SAP Business One MRP
Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Harness the power of SAP Business One for businesses operating in India and the UAE. Learn how you can enhance material utilization in production to optimize resource allocation, resulting in considerable cost savings and more efficient processes.

SAP Business One Production & Capacity Planning
Production & Capacity Planning

Revamp your production processes and elevate capacity planning with SAP Business One. Our all-encompassing solution empowers businesses of every scale to attain operational excellence by synchronizing production tasks with demand, optimizing resource utilization, and amplifying productivity.

SAP Business One Contracting
Sub-Contracting & Job Work

Simplify complex workflows by integrating sub-contracting processes seamlessly within your SAP Business One environment. From work order creation to material procurement and quality control, and more.

sap b1 Quality Control & Assurance
Quality Control&Assurance

Effectively oversee and control quality checkpoints through SAP Business One's comprehensive ERP system. This enables you to enhance your standing for dependability and top-notch products in both the Indian and UAE markets

sap business one Plant & Maintenance
Plant & Maintenance

Enhance productivity and minimize downtime with SAP Business One's Plant & Maintenance solutions. With comprehensive tools for maintenance planning and execution, stay ahead of issues and maintain peak efficiency in your plant operations.

sap business one Service Management
Service Management

Optimize your service procedures, effectively monitor customer engagements, and ensure prompt handling of service inquiries using the capabilities of SAP Business One, available for use in both India and the UAE

sap business one Accounting & Financials
Accounting & Financials

Unlock the power of seamless financial management with SAP Business One. Streamline accounting processes, gain real-time insights, and ensure compliance effortlessly. Elevate your business's financial performance today.

sap business one TDS TCS GST E-Invoice & E-Way Bill
TDS TCS GST E-Invoice & E-Way Bill

Effectively handle TDS, TCS, GST, e-invoicing, and e-way bills seamlessly integrated into the SAP B1 ERP system, accessible in both India and the UAE. Ensure accurate and timely compliance with ease and precision through these incorporated ERP functionalities.

sap business one Customer/Dealer/Vendor Portal
Customer/Dealer/Vendor Portal

SAP B1 Customer/Dealer/Vendor Portal allows Seamlessly manage orders, inquiries, and transactions in one place. Empower stakeholders with real-time data access, streamlined communication, and simplified processes. Elevate efficiency and collaboration across your supply chain. Experience next-level integration and convenience with SAP B1's versatile portal solution.

sap business one Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Empower Your Business with SAP B1 Business Intelligence. Gain actionable insights, streamline operations, and elevate decision-making. Revolutionize your approach to data analysis with intuitive tools and robust reporting capabilities. Drive growth and efficiency with cutting-edge intelligence solutions.

sap business one Analytics & Reporting
Analytics & Reporting

Leverage SAP Business One's advanced analytics and reporting features tailored for businesses in India and UAE. With SAP B1's ERP prowess, your organization gains a competitive advantage in a data-centric landscape, executing strategies supported by powerful analytics

sap business one Web Mobility Extensions
Web Mobility Extensions

SAP B1's ERP-powered web and mobility extensions are transforming accessibility, and these offerings are easily accessible in both India and the UAE. Our solutions enable you to conveniently tap into essential business data and operations while on the move, facilitating instant decision-making and swift responsiveness in real-time.

Innovative SAP Business
One (B1)Solution for Your Industry

Explore the potential of streamlining operations, boosting efficiency, and achieving remarkable levels of success. SAP Business One Industry Solutions empowers you to transform your aspirations into tangible results. Designed to meet the unique requirements of diverse sectors such as Ready-Mix Concrete, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Steel, Cement, Industrial Machinery, and beyond, our solutions effortlessly incorporate specialized features tailored to each industry. Join the league of leading businesses in India and the UAE that harness the power of SAP Business One to stay ahead of the competition.

Microfinance Industries SAP B1
SAP B1 ERP for Microfinance Industry

SAP B1 provides an extensive range of financial management features specifically designed to meet the specific requirements of microfinance institutions (MFIs). These include managing loan management, evaluating risks, and generating financial reports. SAP B1's CRM capabilities enable MFIs to build strong relationships with clients, improve communication, and deliver personalized services

SAP Business One Fishing
SAP B1 ERP for Fisheries Industry

SAP Business One optimized for the Fisheries Industry provides a specialized ERP solution that harnesses the robust capabilities of the SAP B1 ERP platform to meet the unique demands of the fisheries and seafood sector in India and the UAE. Through the incorporation of cutting-edge SAP technology, this solution empowers fish catchers, processors, and distributors.

SAP B1 Ship Yard
SAP B1 ERP for Ship Repair Industry

SAP B1 ERP tailored for the Shipyard and Repair Industries in UAE and India offers a comprehensive ERP solution that covers all aspects. This solution empowers customers with a broad spectrum of capabilities, including accurate project estimations, streamlined contract management, efficient progress-based billing procedures, and effective subcontractor management.

SAP B1 Mining
SAP B1 ERP for Mining & Minerals

SAP B1 Software serves as a driving force for the mining sector in India and the UAE, facilitating a revolutionary digital transformation that improves efficiency across all operational aspects. Spanning from the preliminary exploration stage to proficient asset management and smooth customer interaction, our solution fosters productivity and achievement.

SAP B1 Pharma
SAP B1 ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry

Our specialized SAP Business One add-on for the pharmaceutical sector addresses unique business needs in India and the UAE. It optimizes bulk storage, replenishment control, and batch tracking while ensuring compliance. With features for product development, purchasing, and quality control, it empowers real-time decision-making through analytical dashboards and reports

SAP B1 Services
SAP B1 ERP for Equipment Rentals

Our extensive SAP B1 Software tailored for Equipment Rental harnesses the vast opportunities within India and the UAE's rental industries. Offering a customized set of solutions, it enables efficient fleet management, maximizes equipment usage, and ensures top-notch service delivery, and supports real-time data analytics for informed decision-making.

SAP B1 Services Medical
SAP B1 ERP for Healthcare Industry

SAP Business One acts as a centralized hub for data management, consolidating information from various departments and processes across businesses in the UAE and India. Providing accurate and real-time data is critical, ensuring that medical professionals have instant access to patient records, treatment histories, and other relevant information

SAP B1 Services
SAP B1 ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Our manufacturing industry solution, seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One ERP Software, offers a comprehensive approach to meet the evolving demands of growing manufacturing firms in India and the UAE. Whether your processes are project-based, discrete, or process-oriented, our solution provides complete flexibility and can be precisely tailored to your operational needs.

SAP B1 Services
SAP B1 ERP for Distribution Industry

Our distribution industry solution, powered by SAP Business One, provides a robust set of tools to efficiently handle intricate warehouse operations. Specifically designed for distribution businesses, this SAP B1 HANA solution delivers critical insights, optimizes inventory management, and seamlessly satisfies customer needs. The outcome? Operational excellence and improved performance.

Propel Your Business Forward with SAP Business One ERP Software

Unlocking the full capabilities of SAP Business One (B1) for your business in India or the UAE necessitates the expertise of a proficient partner. Effective implementation, seamless integration, personalized customization, and continual support are indispensable elements for a thriving SAP B1 journey. Opting for the appropriate SAP B1 service provider, especially a premier partner like Emerging Alliance, can significantly elevate your experience.

 With over ten years of expertise, Emerging Alliance doesn’t just install SAP B1; we serve as trusted advisors. Our commitment lies in delivering outstanding service and extensive support tailored precisely to your business requirements. Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional. Collaborate with Emerging Alliance to optimize your SAP B1 journey in India or the UAE. Reach out for a complimentary consultation today, and discover how we can be your ideal SAP B1 partner

license SAP Business One
SAP Business One Licensing

SAP Business One Licensing offers a comprehensive and adaptable solution for businesses, helping them thrive in today's highly competitive environment. Our versatile licensing options allow customers in India and the UAE to tailor their SAP B1 package to meet their distinct requirements, ensuring they only pay for the functionalities they need.

implement SAP
SAP Business One Implementation

With years of experience, we have developed a well-established 6-phased SAP Business One implementation process for clients in India and the UAE. This refined approach ensures a successful SAP B1 implementation journey, enabling clients to fully leverage SAP B1 for enhanced business operations and goal achievement.

custom SAP
SAP Business One Customization

We recognize that each business has unique needs, and our proficiency in customizing the SAP B1 ERP allows us to tailor the solution to fit your exact requirements. This ensures you receive a bespoke SAP B1 solution that prepares your business in India and the UAE for success and excellence.

data-integration SAP B1
SAP Business One Integration

With our extensive experience, we excel at seamlessly integrating various elements such as web portals, legacy systems, e-commerce platforms, mobile applications, and CNC machines. By leveraging both the service layer and SAP Business One Integration Framework (B1iF), we ensure smooth and efficient integrations. This enables our customers in India and the UAE to enjoy streamlined processes and enhanced operational efficiency.

support SAP B1
SAP Business One Support

Our support programs are designed to deliver lasting value, ensuring you receive outstanding assistance whenever needed. Available 24/7, these programs offer a comprehensive array of support services specifically tailored for SAP B1 ERP. This commitment guarantees that your business operations run smoothly and without interruptions.

Add on SAP Business One
SAP Business One Addons

Our suite of SAP Business One add-ons is meticulously designed to expand and customize the functionalities of SAP B1, perfectly addressing your unique business needs. These add-ons are carefully developed to support the specialized workflows specific to your industry, offering a solution that seamlessly integrates with your distinct requirements.

SAP Business One E-Invoicing/GST

Our SAP Business One E-invoicing Addon provides a robust solution for efficiently handling tax compliance transactions, tailored to businesses of all sizes and industries. Built on a thoroughly tested and proven system design, this tool enables you to execute transactions smoothly, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention and ensuring flawless processes.

mobility SAP
SAP Business One Web/Mobility

The SAP B1 ERP System serves as a cornerstone in broadening its reach, addressing the requirements of internal personnel and external partners who depend on SAP ERP for their day-to-day operations. Within our company, our skilled team excels in developing and implementing mobile and web applications that elevate the functionalities of SAP Business One.

hosting SAP
SAP Business One Hosting

Opting for cloud hosting for SAP B1 offers more than just secure data storage—it opens the door to top-tier data centers worldwide. Our SAP B1 hosting solutions are compatible with leading cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, or can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

HANA migration
SAP Business One HANA Migration

Successfully transitioning from SAP Business One MSSQL to SAP Business One HANA requires meticulous attention to cost control and the reduction of operational interruptions. Our cutting-edge migration services for SAP B1 in India and the UAE aim to deliver a smooth transition experience for our clients.

BOT data-transfer
SAP Business One BOT

Through our innovative BOT program (Build-Operate-Transfer), we introduce a novel and dynamic method for system implementation and operation, tailored specifically to meet your individual needs. Our services are available with pride in both India and the UAE, extending our specialized knowledge to enterprises throughout these areas.

data-recovery SAP
SAP Business One Reimplementation

We're proud of our experienced team, renowned for revitalizing SAP Business One, particularly for businesses facing hurdles in previous implementations. Through our SAP B1 reimplementation services, we aim to restore confidence in our clients and empower them to maximize SAP B1's capabilities.

Established Worldwide Success
with SAP Business One ERP

With over a decade of specialized knowledge in SAP Business One, we guarantee a smooth process for implementing, customizing, and supporting your business. Our services extend beyond the basics, encompassing expert integration of SAP B1 HANA with web portals, e-commerce platforms, and mobile apps. Need assistance outside regular hours? Our 24/7, multi-channel support ensures that we’re always available to maintain the smooth operation of your business in India or the UAE.

Take advantage of a complimentary consultation today to discover how our expertise can revolutionize your business operations. Let us demonstrate how seamless integration and constant support can provide you with peace of mind at all times.

How SAP B1 ERP propelled our clients to success

By becoming part of our expanding network, which includes more than 125 esteemed global enterprises, you are making a confident decision. These respected businesses have chosen us as their reliable SAP Business One ERP solutions provider. Associating with us means gaining access to unparalleled value and expertise. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every SAP Business One project we undertake. Collaborating with Emerging Alliance isn’t merely a transaction; it’s a partnership that drives your business toward achievement and prosperity.

Empowering Testimonials from Our SAP B1 Users

Our standing as a leading SAP Implementation Partner in India and the UAE is built on our steadfast commitment to excellence. From SAP Business One implementation, customization, and integration to support and add-ons, we consistently surpass the expectations of our valued clients. But don’t just take our word for it – here are testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced the exceptional value we bring to their SAP B1 ERP projects firsthand.

"We saw the integration capabilities, automation and that's when we knew, we needed SAP Business One. As we continue to grow, SAP Business One and their other revolutionary technologies such as: SAP HANA, Microsoft .NET will grow with us and enable us to manage growth without any surprises."

Light Microfinance Aviral Saini - CFO

"I would recommend SAP Business One to any Micro Finance and Banking Institutions. People shy away from it, thinking SAP and other wonderful technologies like MS SQL Server, SAP HANA are expensive, but it's not true at all. SAP it's a comprehensive business tool for any growing business."

Asirvad Anand Sharma - CTO

"SAP Business One has utterly lived up to our expectations. Highly recommended. With their expertise in management software, Emerging Alliance delivers other amazing technologies such as SAP Business One SDK (DI-API, UI-API, Service Layer), which has helped several aspects of our business."

Hidromas Talip Gul - MD

"With the wondrous help of SAP Business One and other parallel technologies like, SAP HANA, Microsoft .NET and MS SQL Server the lengthy reports are easier to generate in a matter of seconds and its effortless to pin point which area yields the most benefit. All thanks to Emerging Alliance."

Vijaya Hospital Barathi Reddy - CEO

"SAP Business One, their additional technologies SAP HANA and Java has efficiently helped us in managing inventory across multiple warehouses by providing complete traceability with serial and batch numbers and expiration dates reducing more than half of our manual labor while leaving no room for error."

Abad Fisheries Usman Nasser - Director
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