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SAP B1 Partner Excellence: India & UAE

In today’s dynamic market, precision and agility are paramount. SAP Business One seamlessly integrates all aspects of your operations, eliminating inefficiencies. As the Best SAP Business One Partner in India and the UAE, Emerging Alliance empowers your success through innovation and adaptability. With us, you gain not just software but a strategic growth partner. SAP B1 is tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises, simplifying and optimizing various business operations.

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Explore SAP Business One / SAP B1 Modules

Set out on a journey of discovery and uncover the core features and modules that make SAP Business One stand out. From efficient inventory management and streamlined financials to enhanced customer relationship management, SAP Business One empowers your business at every turn, whether you’re in India or the UAE. However, choosing the right SAP Business One partner for SAP B1 implementation is crucial, and that’s where Emerging Alliance shines.

SAP Business One CRM
CRM & Marketing

Elevate customer engagement and supercharge your sales strategies with SAP B1 ERP's robust tools, available for businesses in India and the UAE. Efficiently manage interactions and analyze buying patterns, for personalized experiences that drive customer loyalty.

SAP Business One Sales
Sales & Distributions

Revolutionize operations from order to delivery with SAP Business One, available for businesses in India and the UAE. Accelerate processes, enhance accuracy, and assure on-time deliveries, all of which foster trust and satisfaction among your clients.

SAP B1 Purchasing & Operations
Purchasing & Operations

Streamline procurement and cost control with SAP Business One, for your businesses in India and the UAE. Efficiently manage suppliers and optimize inventory levels, leading to improved profitability and operational efficiency.

SAP B1 Inventory & Warehousing
Inventory & Warehousing

Master inventory management seamlessly with SAP Business One, available for businesses in India and the UAE. Minimize imbalances and carrying costs while achieving optimal stock levels, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and customer service.

SAP Business One MRP
Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Unlock the potential of SAP Business One's capabilities, available for businesses in India and the UAE. Discover how you can optimize material use within production for efficient resource allocation, to achieve significant cost savings and streamlined processes.

SAP Business One Production & Capacity Planning
Production & Capacity Planning

Maximize production efficiency and meet customer demands promptly with SAP Business One's capabilities. Achieve perfect synergy between resource allocation and production times.

SAP Business One Contracting
Sub-Contracting & Job Work

Effortlessly oversee outsourced tasks with SAP Business One implementation in India and UAE. Monitor subcontracted activities and adhere to project timelines, all leading to highly efficient project execution.

sap b1 Quality Control & Assurance
Quality Control&Assurance

Efficiently monitor and manage quality checkpoints with SAP Business One's integrated ERP approach. By doing so, you can ultimately elevate your reputation for reliability and superior offerings in the India and UAE market.

sap business one Plant & Maintenance
Plant & Maintenance

Effortlessly track equipment, efficiently manage maintenance schedules, and optimize asset utilization within the SAP B1 implementation for companies in India and the UAE. This ERP-driven feature significantly enhances productivity.

sap business one Service Management
Service Management

Streamline your service processes, efficiently track customer interactions, and guarantee timely responses to service requests with the functionalities of SAP Business One, in India and the UAE.

sap business one Accounting & Financials
Accounting & Financials

Effortlessly manage financial transactions, automate crucial processes, and gain real-time insights into your financial health with SAP Business One. By harnessing these features, you empower your financial team to make informed decisions.

sap business one TDS TCS GST E-Invoice & E-Way Bill
TDS TCS GST E-Invoice & E-Way Bill

Effortlessly manage TDS, TCS, GST, e-invoicing, and e-way bills within the SAP B1 ERP environment, available in India and the UAE. By seamlessly incorporating these ERP features, you guarantee precise, timely, and hassle-free compliance.

sap business one Customer/Dealer/Vendor Portal
Customer/Dealer/Vendor Portal

ERP-driven portals by SAP Business One, available in India and the UAE, are designed to elevate interactions with customers, dealers, and vendors. By leveraging SAP B1's ERP capabilities, you can strengthen relationships, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline collaboration with your partners.

sap business one Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Unlock the power of SAP ERP-driven business intelligence capabilities, in India and the UAE. Analyze data, gain crucial insights, and make informed decisions through real-time dashboards and reports. By embracing SAP B1 HANA's approach to business intelligence, you empower your team to enhance efficiency.

sap business one Analytics & Reporting
Analytics & Reporting

SAP Business One's functionalities offer comprehensive analytics and reporting for businesses in India and UAE. With SAP B1's ERP capabilities, you empower your organization to maintain a competitive edge in a data-driven world, implementing strategies that are backed by robust analytics

sap business one Web Mobility Extensions
Web Mobility Extensions

SAP B1's ERP-driven web and mobility extensions revolutionize accessibility, and these services are readily available in India and the UAE. With our solutions, you can access critical business information and processes on the go, ensuring real-time decision-making and rapid responsiveness.

SAP Business One
Industry Solutions

Discover the transformative potential of SAP Business One Industry Solutions, meticulously designed to address the unique challenges of diverse sectors. From automotive, aerospace & and aviation, retail, ready-mix concrete, industrial machinery and components, food & and beverage, apparel & and footwear, cement, and steel products, our tailored SAP B1 ERP solution, available in India and the UAE, harnesses the ERP capabilities of SAP Business One to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth.

Imagine the efficiency of industry-specific functionalities seamlessly integrated into your operations, ensuring precision and agility. This is your opportunity to invest in SAP Business One, powered by Emerging Alliance’s expertise, and propel your business toward unmatched success. Join the ranks of industry leaders in India and the UAE who have harnessed SAP Business One to secure a competitive edge, optimize processes, and achieve their goals.

Microfinance Industries SAP B1
SAP B1 for Microfinance Industry

SAP Business One is a powerful tool that plays a crucial role in facilitating the growth of microfinance institutions in India and the UAE. Our customized solution, utilizing the capabilities of SAP B1 ERP System, is finely tuned to meet the specific needs of the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector.

SAP Business One Fishing
SAP B1 for Fisheries Industry

SAP Business One designed for the Fisheries Industry offers a specialized ERP solution that leverages the robust capabilities of the SAP B1 ERP platform to cater to the unique requirements of the fisheries and seafood sector in India and UAE. With the integration of cutting-edge SAP technology, this solution empowers fish catchers, processors, and distributors.

SAP B1 Ship Yard
SAP B1 for Ship Repair Industry

SAP B1 ERP tailored for the Shipyard and Repair Industries in UAE and India offers a comprehensive ERP solution that covers all aspects. This solution empowers customers with a broad spectrum of capabilities, including accurate project estimations, streamlined contract management, efficient progress-based billing procedures, and effective subcontractor management.

SAP B1 Mining
SAP B1 for Mining & Minerals

SAP B1 Software acts as a catalyst for the mining industry in India and the UAE, enabling a transformative digital journey that enhances efficiency in every facet of operations. From the initial exploration phase to effective asset management and seamless customer engagement, our solution drives productivity and success.

SAP B1 Pharma
SAP B1 for Pharmaceutical Industry

By seamlessly integrating essential functions such as formulation, routing, operations, costing, and quality management, our SAP Business One ERP empowers the pharmaceutical industry in India and UAE to enhance their decision-making, maintain rigorous quality compliance, and realize significant reductions in operational expenses.

SAP B1 Services
SAP B1 for Equipment Rentals

Our comprehensive SAP B1 Software for Equipment Rental unlocks the immense potential within the equipment rental industries in India and UAE. We provide a tailor-made suite of tools specifically designed for this sector, empowering equipment rental businesses to efficiently manage their fleet, optimize equipment utilization, and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

SAP B1 Services Medical
SAP B1 for Healthcare Industry

Our Healthcare & Medical Devices solution, harnessed through SAP ERP, is thoughtfully designed to provide a strategic edge to businesses in this industry. It not only enhances operational efficiency but also boosts employee productivity, fostering the ability to seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing market demands in India and UAE.

SAP B1 Services
SAP B1 for Manufacturing Industry

Our manufacturing industry solution, expertly integrated with SAP Business One ERP Software, presents a comprehensive approach to cater to the evolving demands of growing manufacturing firms in India and the UAE. Whether your manufacturing processes are project-based, discrete, or process-oriented, our solution offers complete flexibility and can be meticulously tailored to your operational needs.

SAP B1 Services
SAP B1 for Distribution Industry

Our SAP Business One-powered distribution industry solution offers a powerful toolkit to effectively manage complex warehouse operations. Tailored for businesses in the distribution sector, this SAP B1 HANA solution empowers you with valuable insights, streamlines inventory management, and effortlessly meets customer demands. The result? Operational excellence and enhanced customer satisfaction!

SAP B1 HANA/MSSQL for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies

When it comes to unlocking the full potential of SAP B1 Software for your business in India and UAE, the key to success lies in the expertise and capabilities of the partner company responsible for implementation, integration, customization, and ongoing support. The effectiveness of your SAP Business One ERP system hinges on selecting a skilled and knowledgeable SAP B1 service provider, particularly one recognized as a top-tier SAP Business One Partner in India and the UAE.

By choosing Emerging Alliance as your ERP solutions provider and SAP Business One Partner, you’re accessing over a decade of invaluable experience, a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional service, and comprehensive support tailored precisely to your unique business requirements.

If you’re considering SAP B1 implementation, make the smart choice – choose Emerging Alliance as your SAP Business One Partner in India and the UAE.

license SAP Business One
SAP B1 Licensing

SAP Business One Licensing delivers a holistic and scalable solution for businesses, enabling them to excel in the fiercely competitive contemporary landscape. Our flexible licensing options empower our India and UAE customers to customize their SAP B1 package to precisely match their unique needs, ensuring that they pay only for the specific functionalities they require.

implement SAP
SAP B1 Implementation

Our well-established 6-phased SAP Business One implementation in India and UAE, refined through years of experience, assures a successful SAP Business One implementation journey for every client, allowing them to unlock the complete potential of SAP B1 for improved business operations and goal achievement.

custom SAP
SAP B1 Customization

We understand that every business has unique demands, and our expertise in customizing SAP B1 ERP empowers us to tailor the solution to precisely match your specific requirements. This guarantees that you receive a customized SAP B1 solution that equips your business in India and UAE for success and excellence.

data-integration SAP B1
SAP B1 Integration

When it comes to seamlessly integrating elements like web portals, legacy systems, e-commerce platforms, mobile applications, or CNC machines, our wealth of experience enables us to achieve this. We harness the power of both the service layer and SAP B1iF (Business One Integration Framework) to facilitate these smooth integrations, ensuring our India and UAE customers benefit from streamlined processes.

support SAP B1
SAP B1 Support

Our support programs are carefully crafted to provide long-lasting value, guaranteeing that you have access to exceptional assistance whenever you require it. These programs are accessible around the clock, 24/7, offering a wide range of support services meticulously customized for SAP B1 ERP. This commitment ensures that your business operations continue seamlessly, free from interruptions.

Add on SAP Business One
SAP B1 Addons

Our array of SAP Business One add-ons is thoughtfully designed to enhance and tailor the capabilities of SAP B1, precisely addressing your specific business needs. These add-ons are intricately crafted to accommodate the specialized workflows that are inherent to your industry, providing you with a solution that seamlessly aligns with your distinct requirements.

SAP B1 E-Invoicing/GST

Our SAP Business One E-invoicing Addon offers a powerful solution for effectively managing tax compliance transactions, catering to businesses of all types and sizes. With a proven and meticulously tested system design, this tool empowers you to conduct transactions seamlessly, greatly minimizing the necessity for manual intervention and guaranteeing error-free processes.

mobility SAP
SAP B1 Web/Mobility

The SAP B1 ERP System plays a pivotal role in expanding its accessibility, catering to the needs of both internal staff and external stakeholders who rely on SAP ERP for their daily business activities. Within our organization, our proficient team stands out in crafting and deploying mobile and web applications that enhance the capabilities of SAP Business One.

hosting SAP
SAP B1 Hosting

When you choose to host SAP B1 in the cloud, you're not just ensuring the secure storage of your crucial data; you're also gaining access to world-class data centers on a global scale. Our SAP B1 hosting services are available on renowned cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, or we can customize them to match your exact requirements.

HANA migration
SAP B1 HANA Migration

Making the transition from SAP Business One MSSQL to SAP Business One HANA is a critical move that demands careful cost management and the minimization of operational disruptions. Our technologically advanced SAP B1 migration services in India and UAE are designed to provide customers with a seamless migration process.

BOT data-transfer

With our pioneering BOT program (BUILD-OPERATE-TRANSFER), we bring a fresh and innovative approach to system implementation and operation, uniquely designed to cater to your specific requirements. We proudly provide these services in India and the UAE, offering our expertise to businesses across these regions.

data-recovery SAP
SAP B1 Reimplementation

We take pride in our skilled and seasoned team that excels in breathing new life into SAP Business One, especially for businesses that have encountered challenges during previous implementations. With our SAP B1 reimplementation services, our primary goal is to reignite confidence in our customers and equip them to fully leverage the potential of SAP B1.

Global SAP Business
One ERP Excellence

We bring over a decade of expertise in SAP Business One ERP implementation, customization, and support to ensure your success. We’ve got the experience you need to make your business in India and UAE run smoothly.

What sets us apart is our ability to seamlessly connect SAP B1 HANA with various components like web portals, e-commerce platforms, and mobile apps. We’re also dedicated to your success around the clock. Our support programs are available 24/7 through multiple channels, so you can count on us to be there when you need assistance.

Success Stories: Our SAP B1 Clients

Feel confident in your decision to join our ever-expanding network of over 125 esteemed global enterprises who have chosen us as their dedicated SAP B1 ERP solution provider. When you align with us, you are opening the door to a world of unparalleled value and expertise. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every SAP Business One project we undertake. By joining forces with Emerging Alliance, you’re not just a client; you’re a partner in your business’s journey to success and prosperity.

Hear from Our Happy SAP Business One Customers

Our reputation as one of the most promising SAP partners in India and the UAE has been earned through our unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether it’s SAP Business One implementation, customization, integration, support, or add-ons, we consistently exceed the expectations of our cherished clients. But don’t just take our word for it – here are testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced firsthand the exceptional value we bring to their SAP B1 ERP projects.

"We saw the integration capabilities, automation and that's when we knew, we needed SAP Business One. As we continue to grow, SAP Business One and their other revolutionary technologies such as: SAP HANA, Microsoft .NET will grow with us and enable us to manage growth without any surprises."

Light Microfinance Aviral Saini - CFO

"I would recommend SAP Business One to any Micro Finance and Banking Institutions. People shy away from it, thinking SAP and other wonderful technologies like MS SQL Server, SAP HANA are expensive, but it's not true at all. SAP it's a comprehensive business tool for any growing business."

Asirvad Anand Sharma - CTO

"SAP Business One has utterly lived up to our expectations. Highly recommended. With their expertise in management software, Emerging Alliance delivers other amazing technologies such as SAP Business One SDK (DI-API, UI-API, Service Layer), which has helped several aspects of our business."

Hidromas Talip Gul - MD

"With the wondrous help of SAP Business One and other parallel technologies like, SAP HANA, Microsoft .NET and MS SQL Server the lengthy reports are easier to generate in a matter of seconds and its effortless to pin point which area yields the most benefit. All thanks to Emerging Alliance."

Vijaya Hospital Barathi Reddy - CEO

"SAP Business One, their additional technologies SAP HANA and Java has efficiently helped us in managing inventory across multiple warehouses by providing complete traceability with serial and batch numbers and expiration dates reducing more than half of our manual labor while leaving no room for error."

Abad Fisheries Usman Nasser - Director
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