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SAP Business One Myths & Facts

SAP Business One stands as a premier & best ERP solution for SMEs globally, and we are the top choice for small and mid-sized enterprises in UAE. Our leading position is backed by strong credentials, including being a SAP Business One ERP software gold partner in UAE Dubai. Offering an all-in-one integrated solution and being cost-effective, SAP Business One truly excels in the global market. However, there are several myths surrounding SAP Business One that may confuse SMEs considering investment in this software, and we aim to debunk them.

sap business one partner in bangalore
Too Costly

Not at All! It is among the most cost-effective ERP solutions available in today's market

SAP B1 customizations
No Customization

Misunderstanding! SAP B1 Customizations are easy to build and upgrade friendly too

SAP Business One
Time Consuming

Certainly not! The implementation of standard SAP B1 typically ranges from 30 to 90 days.

SAP Business One costly maintenance
Costly Maintenance

Absolutely Not! SAP B1 ERP Maintenance is as low as 10 to 12% of the intial investment cost

SAP B1 High Skilled users
Highly Skilled users

Misconception! Anyone with smartphone experience can learn and operate SAP B1 ERP.

sap business one Integration
Painful Integration

Not at All! With the Service Layer, SAP Business One ERP can seamlessly integrate with third-party applications.

Obtain Professional SAP
Business One Services in UAE

Unlock the Power of SAP Business One for Your Business in the UAE!

In the dynamic business landscape of the UAE, SAP B1 emerges as a critical tool for success. This powerful ERP software empowers you to revolutionize your business operations, providing you with unprecedented control. It seamlessly consolidates and streamlines your processes, offering the key to achieving scalable growth.

Specifically designed to fortify businesses in the UAE, SAP B1 ERP Software simplifies essential functions and grants you exceptional insights into your operations. Armed with this real-time data, you can make well-informed, data-driven decisions that are pivotal for achieving profitable growth. Also, our professional SAP Business One services in the UAE, features seamless mobile integration too. With SAP Business One mobile integration, access critical information anytime, anywhere, whether you’re in the office or on the move. Rely on our proven track record and industry-leading expertise to elevate your enterprise to new heights. Let us empower your business with the flexibility and power of SAP Business One.

In essence, SAP Business One isn’t just an ERP solution; it’s a game-changer for UAE enterprises, a tool that can redefine your business’s success in this competitive environment.

SAP Business One
Industry Solutions in UAE

Elevate your business operations with SAP B1 ERP Software in UAE and expand your horizons with our tailored industry solutions based on SAP Business One. Our industry-specific solutions offer proven functionality that caters to the unique needs of various sectors. These complementary solutions are crafted with efficient tools and techniques to ensure swift and dependable implementations, enabling your business to maximize ROI with SAP B1. Our SAP Business One Industry Solutions are renowned for being among the finest and most user-friendly business management solutions tailored for small and medium enterprises. We proudly offer our ERP software services in UAE Dubai, striving to be the premier choice in the industry.

Microfinance Industries SAP B1
SAP B1 ERP for Microfinance

SAP B1 facilitates the expansion of microfinance industries in UAE by ensuring transparency and compliance. Our solution, built on SAP B1, empowers BFSI sectors to attain data security and real-time access to information, crucial for the banking and insurance businesses.

SAP Business One Fishing
SAP Business One for Fisheries

SAP B1 for the Fisheries Industry in UAE is a specialized software for fisheries and seafood businesses. Using advanced SAP technology, SAP B1 helps fish catchers, processors, and distributors in the UAE ensure that their products stay fresh and safe from the moment they're caught until they reach the market.

SAP B1 Ship Yard
SAP B1 for Ship Repairs

SAP B1 for Shipyard and Repair Industries in UAE is an ERP solution tailored for dry-docking, ship repair, and other technical projects. It includes features such as estimation, contract management, progress-based billing, and subcontractor management, all integrated within the SAP platform.

SAP B1 Mining
SAP B1 for Mining & Minerals

Our SAP B1 solution for the mining industry in UAE facilitates digital transformation from mining sites to ports, automating processes such as exploration, asset management, and customer engagement. SAP B1 enhances efficiency by incorporating best practices designed for the Mining Industry.

SAP B1 Pharma
SAP B1 ERP for Pharmaceutical

Our pharmaceutical industry solution in UAE centralizes transactions, analyzes inquiries, and integrates all pharmaceutical processes including formulations, routing, operations, costing, and quality management. This solution assists pharmaceutical companies in enhancing decision-making, ensuring quality, and reducing operational costs.

SAP B1 Services
SAP B1 for Equipment Rental

Our equipment rental solution boosts the abilities of the equipment rental industry in UAE. It covers all aspects of rental management like renting equipment, checking it, logging work, billing, providing technical support, handling maintenance and repairs, and selling assets.

SAP B1 Services Medical
SAP Business One for Healthcare

Our Healthcare & Medical Devices solution aids companies in UAE in enhancing business efficiency, boosting employee productivity, and swiftly adapting to market needs. It facilitates managing intricate data and compliance requirements.

SAP B1 Services
SAP B1 for Manufacturing

Experience a comprehensive solution tailored for manufacturing industries in UAE. Our all-in-one platform delivers precise, real-time data, ideal for the expansion of manufacturing enterprises. our solution is compatible with any project-based, discrete, or process manufacturing.

SAP B1 Services
SAP B1 for Distribution

Our solution for distribution industries in UAE manages warehouse data effectively, tracks stock movements, and keeps detailed records. It offers real-time updates on shipments and inventory, helping you understand trends and meet customer demands quickly.

SAP B1 Services for SMEs in UAE

When it comes to SAP Business One implementation, integration, customization, and support services, the success of SAP B1 ERP depends greatly on the expertise of the partner company that implements it. We take pride in being the top SAP B1 solution provider for small and medium-sized enterprises in UAE, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and beyond. While SAP B1 ERP software and technology are powerful tools, they are just one piece of the puzzle. To fully benefit from SAP Business One, you need a knowledgeable and experienced service provider. With our ten years of experience in ERP solutions, we offer a service that combines proven product expertise, practical knowledge of business management software, and industry-specific insight. When you choose Emerging Alliance as your ERP solutions provider, you can rest assured that you’re getting exactly that.

license SAP Business One
SAP B1 Licensing

Emerging Alliance is a certified SAP Business One Channel Partner and SAP B1 VAR, having sold over 1000 licenses worldwide. Our extensive involvement in the SAP Business One ecosystem has established us as one of the most dependable partners in the industry.

implement SAP
SAP B1 Implementation

As a Channel Partner in India with over 12 years of experience implementing SAP Business One, we employ a proven 6-phase implementation methodology. Our experienced industry consultants ensure successful implementations every time.

custom SAP
SAP B1 Customization

Our broad industry experience allows us to create top-notch customizations. SAP Business One customization includes SAP B1 Software Development Kit (SDK), tools to tailor a solution to meet your particular needs.

data-integration SAP B1
SAP B1 Integrations

We're skilled at quickly connecting various systems like websites, old software, online stores, mobile apps, and industrial machines. Our approach involves leveraging both the service layer and SAP B1iF to initiate and facilitate seamless integrations.

support SAP B1
SAP B1 Support

Our support programs are tailored for lasting value, offering top-notch assistance through email, WhatsApp, phone, and ticket portals. Our 24/7 team is here to help you with SAP B1 upgrades, data corrections, reversals, service interruptions, and more.

Add on SAP Business One
SAP B1 Addons

Our SAP B1 add-ons improve your business processes to suit your industry's unique needs. Our add-ons are optimized for performance, user-friendly and easy to implement & upgrade.

SAP B1 E-Invoicing/GST

Our SAP Business One E-invoicing Addon smoothly manages tax transactions for businesses of any size. Its reliable system design ensures transactions are error-free, reducing the need for manual work.

mobility SAP
SAP B1 Web/Mobility

SAP B1's flexibility is crucial for reaching more people who use it every day. Our skilled team makes mobile and web apps to make the system better for more users.

hosting SAP
SAP B1 Hosting

Storing SAP Business One in the cloud ensures your data's safety in top-notch data centers. Access it anytime, anywhere, saving on server costs and IT maintenance. Pick AWS, Azure, or another data center you prefer.

HANA migration
SAP B1 HANA Migration

Moving from SAP B1 MSSQL to SAP B1 HANA ERP is all about managing costs and minimizing downtime. Our migration services make this transition smooth and stress-free, ensuring no errors and happy users.

BOT data-transfer

Our special BOT program ensures that the consultants who create the system will also run it for a while, making sure it works well. Then, they hand it over to you smoothly, giving you training and all the information you need.

data-recovery SAP
SAP B1 Reimplementation

Our skilled and experienced team specializes in redeploying SAP Business One for companies where previous implementations have failed for different reasons. Our SAP B1 reimplementation services give customers confidence to use the SAP B1 system effectively, even if it hasn't worked well before.

Our SAP Business One HANA/MSSQL Clients

You’re definitely in good company! Over 125 businesses worldwide trust our SAP B1 solutions, services, and consultants. But don’t just take our word for it—check out our customer list. While it doesn’t include all our clients, it offers a great overview of the work we do for SAP B1 licensing, SAP B1 Implementation, SAP B1 Customization, SAP B1 Integration, SAP B1 Support & SAP B1 Add-on

SAP B1 Free Demo

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