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stock changes in purchasing - SAP Business One


stock changes in purchasing


Stock changes in Purchasing Info Records:

In SAP Business One, You can use the report Inventory Status to analyze the inventory situation for one or more selected items.

You can also see the inventory status in the item master on the Inventory Data tab page.

The In-Stock column displays the current stock level of the item.

The Committed column displays the item stock that is reserved for customers and for internal use. The stock that is reserved for internal use is the quantity of the item for that will be used for a finished product based on the bills of material for existing production orders.

The Ordered column displays the quantity ordered from external vendors plus the quantity that is being produced and that will enter the warehouse by a certain date.

The available quantity of an item represents the In Stock quantity -Committed + Ordered.

As you can see in the chart, a purchase order increases the quantity on order and therefore the quantity available to the customer. When a goods receipt PO is created referencing the purchase order, it increases the quantity in stock and reduces the quantity on order. As long as an A/P invoice references a goods receipt PO, it will not affect stock levels.

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