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ERP Digital Signature Solutions

How to use Digital Signatures by ERP for More Productivity

ERP for Digital Signature Solutions

What all should you know about ERP Digital Signature Solutions?

Businesses all around the world are understanding the need for Digital Signatures by ERP. With the use of these technologies by ERP, businesses and companies may digitally sign and validate agreements, transactions, and other crucial information without having to physically sign anything. Businesses that require a high level of confidentiality and accuracy in their transactions and documentation would particularly gain an advantage from this.

The ERP digital signature solution is made to offer the highest levels of precision, security, and practicality when signing documents and transactions. A digital certificate, which is a coded digital document that can be used to authenticate the identity of the signer, is utilized in the ERP signature solution. This ensures that only those with the right authorizations have access to and may approve transactions and documents. ERP digital signatures also makes sure that the signed papers are impermeable to meddling and cannot be altered or rewritten without permission.

Implementation Considerations

Digital Signature Tool

A class-based utility called the digital signature (package DS) is in ERP ABA Software Module. This component cannot be used independently and can only be used in combination with an application. ERP delivers you the Signature tool to sign and approve digital data. The digital signature also guarantees that the signature of the digital document can be acknowledged clearly, and the person’s name is recorded along with the signed document, date, and time.

Linking an Application to the Digital Signature

The signature tool by ERP has an adaptable programming interface. Along with the user signature, the user implements a digital signature using their own private key. Also, the digital signature can be integrated into any ERP System. The security product in your ERP Software has to be incorporated with the help of the SSF component.

Integration with SAP NetWeaver Components

The SSF Component (Secure Store and Forward) and public-key technologies are the fundamentals for the digital signature, which is executed in the ERP system with the help of Digital Signatures and Encryption. Digital Signatures can be used either with or without a security product. To introduce features that are not directly available with the ERP software, we have an external security product, SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On.


The digital signature by ERP can also be customized. Under the Start of the navigation path Cross-Application Components in the Implementation Guide (IMG), you can find out the Customized settings for the digital signature: Start of the navigation path, Cross-Application Components, Next navigation step, General Application Functions, Next navigation step, Digital Signature End of the navigation path.

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