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SAP Business One for Vertical Shaft Impactor

SAP Business One / SAP B1 for Vertical Shaft Impactor

Worldwide, the heavy machinery industry is growing exponentially, and service providers in the machinery and components sector face immense pressure due to the huge scale of work which includes project management, loading of heavy machineries, transportation, warehousing, and other tasks. They do face a lot of transportation issues and having a system that integrates different departments of the company is an issue. SAP Business One, a world-class ERP system for the Vertical Shaft Impactor offers an ERP solution, SAP Business One that integrates the processes and helps in improving efficiency and productivity.

To comply with safety standards, for example, mechanical components must withstand strain and pressure vessels. Companies must also produce quality products that meet their customers’ needs. SAP Business One, a flexible manufacturing management system, can help companies in this industry save on production and supply chain management costs.

The SAP Business One for Vertical Shaft Impactor like jaw crushers, impactors,  conveyors, feeders etc require extreme efficiency and accuracy at the same time. Vertical Shaft Impactor produce several items for different clients produced through a series of processes for a variety of clients. Hence it becomes difficult to manage the production of several different items in the same facility without any scope of error. Moreover, clients nowadays demand quick changes in design, last-minute orders and shorter lead time. Fierce competition, thin margins, and strict quality compliance add a cherry to the cake.

Thankfully, we have state-of-the-art ERP software called SAP Business One which can streamline even the most complex process of the heavy metal manufacturing industry resulting in increased efficiency, reduced lead times and increased revenues.

Benefits for the machinery & components industry:

  • Fast growth with a flexible,innovative solution
  • Optimized production processes
  • A 360-degree view of your company with analytics to monitor continuous improvement
  • Streamlined business processes to suit market needs as your company grows
  • Improved integration to ensure your company uses time and resources effectively and efficiently.

Let us go into detail about how an order is actually processed in a machinery industry with the help of SAP Business One.

Order to cash cycle

Once we receive customer purchase order create sales order in SAP, once FG is manufactured we do accounts receivable invoice and as per incoming payment (Major Reports – Customer receivable, cash flow, sales analysis)


As per the sales order received we run MRP wizard monthly basis in SAP – considering BOM and stock Purchase request for buy item and Production order for make item is auto created. Even MRP run on basis of direct production order for stock (Reports – Order recommendation)


As per the work order created from MRP or directly, we issue the raw material stage wise and once production is completed by receipt from production FG comes to stock .(Major Reports – Costing and Variance Report)


Each FG item is with a serial number once any invoice is created, an auto equipment card is auto created and for which services will be done and as per it any part replaced or any expense as per service will be recorded. From the above discussion, we can conclude that heavy metal manufacturers face various challenges in sustaining their profits owing to business complexities, high-value clients, thin margins and increasing globalization. But all these challenges can be minimized by deploying

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