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how to promote best practices for erp


how to promote best practices for erp


Best practices before ERP implementation:

ERP implementation is a software installation, migrating all data into new system with users and all processes. ERP implementation is an evolving process in SMEs across the globe. Yet, it is compulsory to adopt certain best practices before ERP implementation.

  1. What are your objectives?

The organization would have set targets. Analyze the rate of target achievement before and after ERP implementation. Check if ERP implementation would need any special requirements.

  1. Groundwork preparations

The crucial business activities must be sorted out initially. Planning of ERP implementation before few months will provide effective concepts.

  1. Financial analysis

Though Return of Investment is ensured in ERP implementation, the process of specific cost areas must be analyzed along with hidden costs.

  1. Resource planning

The key factor for any ERP implementation is the human resource. Resources must be given good training for ERP implementation and a team dedicated to ERP activities must be deployed. This team must also be responsible to analyze the possible risks and their corresponding mitigation plans.

  1. Movement of data

The data must be completely structured without slips for easy migration of ERP implementation. This is the high priority task to be followed in the process of ERP implementation.

ERP implementation has proved progress in all businesses. Take a chance to be successful.



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